Tuesday, 21 August 2007

(No) Waste

Lush was founded on the basis of less waste (and preservatives), re-use and recycling principles. From the early day’s ideas of pouring soaps into pipes, using rain water in shampoos, washing, drying and re-using moulds until they broke, to today’s practices of using vodka bottles from Ocean Salt to make the holes in Happy Soap, bringing recycling back from the shops and making products that require no packaging, we’ve been quite good at guaranteeing our place in environmental heaven.

We base our decisions on the following principles:

1. Create awareness
2. Eliminate the creation of waste
3. Reduce the resources used
4. Re-use as much as possible
5. Recycle whatever we can and constantly improve our practices
6. Dispose sensibly
7. Close the loop

That looks lovely on paper (or on your screen), but what have we really been up to lately?
Well, the management of our waste is always a work in progress. We try to implement projects, find out whether they work and then improve as needed.
Check the blog often for new updates on what’s going on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth,

Do Lush shops have any plans to accept Lush packaging (in particular the Hand and Body lotion and moisturiser containers) for re-use/recycling?

Ruth Andrade said...

Some of the shops can accept them. It depends on whether they can send stuff back to the factory or if their recycling service can handle that. Some shops also collect and donate to scrap stores. Please ask at your local shop and they will be able to tell you. We are working to offer that service early next year all around the UK.