Wednesday, 29 August 2007

First Things First

This is the very first post of what I hope will be an informative, fun and forest-green blog.
In this first post I thought I would write a bit about myself, what I do and the kind of things I hope to share with Lush fans around the world.
Lush, as you probably know, is a serious hardcore ethical company dressed up like a hippy drag queen, which is probably very close to what I am. No, I’m not a drag queen.
I try to combine work, partying, yoga with sleepless hours spent worrying about the state of the planet and how we can get out of the mess we’ve created. Definitely not an easy life.
At Lush, I have a pretty cool job. It is probably the job I’ve always wanted to have, so I hope I don’t screw it up too soon!
I am the company’s Inspirational Environmental Officer – which means that I bring my environmental knowledge to Lush and try to inspire everyone here to take a really active role in making sure that all our environmental measures are followed with enthusiasm and pride!
This job allows me to combine some of my greatest passions in life, and do I have a lot of that! The idea behind creating this space was that I wanted a place to discuss my incongruence, vent my frustration and voice my (strong) opinions outside the walls of Lush, with lots of freedom to say what I want and hopefully not get in trouble for it.
Also, I want to use this space to give frequent updates on the projects I’m working on or have worked on for Lush, so everyone can get a picture of where we’re heading and what've done. I want to discuss current environmental issues and the daily challenges we all have when trying to green ourselves up a bit.
But let’s deviate from the tempting path of this ego trip… this space is really open for anyone. If you have a good idea (it doesn’t have to be that good) for an article, something you’ve seen somewhere that you would like to tell us about, feel free to send me material and I’ll try and get it posted. I expect lots of contribution from Lush fans and the random reader that might bump into this blog while roaming around the net.
Lastly, I’m from Brazil, English is not my first language and it can be hard to truly express oneself in a foreign language. I do appreciate comments on my lack of clarity, sanity or excess of vanity, although the latter has more to do with the rising Capricorn than with the Brazilian blood.


Andrew said...

Ha, Ha! No, you are definitely NOT a drag green, you are a green goddess ;)


Nanda said...

Well Can I post it on PORTUGUESE?? saber que tem uma brazuca atrás de uma idéia tão fascinante dessas!!!
Adorei seu vídeo e sempre vou visitar seu BLOG! Com certeza mandarei good ideas!
A Lush aqui no Brasil não está muito bem, mas espero que ela volte com força total!
Beijão pra você e boa sorte!
Gra Fernandes
Sao Paulo - Brazil

Jenna said...

It is great to have you to call when there is a recycling query or problem....let's tread gently, this planet is great!!!! :)

Rach said...

Loving your blog so far. Its great to hear a bit about you and your the part you play in lush. I'm enjoying the tone of your writing.

Keep it up!!

Sonja said...

Keep up the good work! This blog is a great idea! I love Lush's naked products!


Lulu Brown said...

Loving the blog, Ruth!

What's your email address? You gave me it at the manager's meeting but I can't remember it for the life of me.


Email me please!

reni said...

oi Ru,Ru. Achei, teu BLOG!! apezar de não entender, fico tentando adivinhar. Quem sabe eu aprendo, né? Mesmo assim fico mto orgulhosa da minha filhota. bjs. da mami.

Monika said...

Ruth, amei seu blog!

Por favor, traga a Lush de volta para o Brasil!!!

Moro em são Paulo e desde que a Lush fechou estou sem rumo, pois sou vegan e não uso nada testado em animais ou de origem animal, já que também sou ativista pelos direitos dos animais.



Anonymous said...

hello ruth, I'm the green helper from Lush Trafford, I'd just like to know your email so that I can keep in touch, I would text you but last time I rang you were abroad and I was calling off my mobile so now I'm a bit cautious.
Anyway, my email is so if you could get in touch that'd be great!