Monday, 20 August 2007

Go Naked!

The most eco-friendly packaging in the world is NO packaging and there isn't a better example of taking this to extreme levels than our creative and innovative solid product range.

A big part of the cost of everything we buy is packaging. Packaging is also responsible for about a quarter of an average family's rubbish and that number is on the rise. It only takes a quick trip to the supermarket to see that everything is being packaged these days. Lush, as usual, chooses to move in a different direction: where products must be packaged we ensure we use only minimal packaging. But our main love is to invent and sell products that need NO packaging whatsoever, and these make up about 60% of the current range we offer!

We also prefer to spend our money on buying the best possible ingredients and essential oils and making sure you're money is used to pay for beautiful products, not excessive packaging.
Solid products, by definition, have no or low water content. Because water is the medium bacteria choose to grow, a waterless product can do without any preservatives. So Lush’s naked products are unpackaged, unpreserved and unbeatable.

When you take a bath ballistic or a massage bar home, they might come wrapped in some greaseproof paper or in a light and simple paper bag. But you can choose to just get them as they are and go naked!

Photo: Ruth and Sean during our Packaging is Rubbish campaign - London, July 12th 2007

How can you just go naked in the middle of the shop?

- Ask the sales assistant not to wrap, bag or label the products you are buying; check the ingredients lists online instead;
- Buy (or get for free) one of our tins, put your products in them and bring the tins back to be refilled next time;
- Bring your own reusable bags or just let the products roam freely in the carrier bag.


Sarah said...

Another thing I believe is possible in most shops: bring your own empty Lush tubs (the black ones, Ocean Salt or Retread tubs for instance) and ask the staff to put your jellies and buttercreams in them. I think you could also fit in a bubble bar slice, as you can't really transport a fresh BBS naked - it would crumble everywhere!

Incidentally, I also use black Lush tubs if I've bought several of my favourite BBS - I crumble multiple bars into a big tub, and then I can take a scoop of however much I want when I have a bath! :-)

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